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About Us 
BrokerSource was developed by Tony Imbruglia and Howard Ghedia - two experienced finance professionals.

Tony has been a Business Development Manager for a major Australian Financial Institution managing Mortgage Broker Relationships, managing teams of Mobile Lenders and has over 32 years Banking and Finance experience. Tony knew that to operate a lucrative Mortgage Broking business, brokers must be able to monitor their business cash flow to make their business a success.

Tony developed an Excel based solution and soon realised that Mortgage Brokers would benefit more if this tool was online. BrokerSource was therefore developed to plug a gap in the industry for software to manage a successful Mortgage Broking Business. Tony and Howard agreed that BrokerSource could be more than just a complete Mortgage Broking Business Management tool, they also wanted to utilise the power of the internet to generate more business for Mortgage Brokers by connecting potential borrowers with registered Brokers through online searches conducted by people in the market for a loan.

They also wanted to leverage the pulling power of the online household budgeting and cash flow management website - Lifestyle Planner that they had also developed.

Mortgage Brokers who subscribe and use BrokerSource to manage their Mortgage Broking businesses will therefore also receive Leads to potential borrowers through both the BrokerSource and Lifestyle Planner websites increasing their exposure in the market.

BrokerSource - written by Mortgage Brokers for Mortgage Brokers.