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Cash Flow Management 
Many Mortgage Brokers struggle with knowing their future cash inflows as current software available cannot "predict" expected future revenues. BrokerSource monitors each loan's "anticipated" settlement date and applies the relevant up-front commission formula to each to arrive at an estimation of the up-front commission expected each month from loans yet to settle. Unfortunately Trail commissions are impossible to predict however BrokerSource will monitor the expected "start date" of each loan's trail commission as many Financial Institutions apply a time delay to their commencement.

BrokerSource will provide the following benefits when managing Cash Flow:
  • Set Targets for your business including Sales, Commissions and various strike rates and compare them to your actuals.
  • Anticipate future cash inflows from loans yet to settle based on an "anticipated" settlement date which will show how much up-front commission can be expected in the coming months giving you peace of mind and an ability to plan future expenses.
  • Monitor Trail commission commencement dates to ensure they start when expected allowing you to follow-up if necessary.
  • View monthly Trail Commissions retained by you in the past to assist with further cash flow forecasting.