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Client Management 
Mortgage Brokers will deal with hundreds of clients over time and they may maintain client lists using other software. BrokerSource will not only make this task easier, it will link all products sold to each client, link each client to their referral source, link all communications sent from within BrokerSource with each client (including Marketing campaigns) and allow the Mortgage Broker to gain an overall view of the client relationship.

BrokerSource will provide the following benefits when managing Clients:
  • A complete Client CRM system.
  • View all of your client data in one place.
  • Clients can access a secure client area to monitor the progress of their own loans reducing the number of client calls received.
  • Monitor how much business each client has generated and the revenue received.
  • Invoice your clients for "fees-for-service" at any time from within BrokerSource.
  • Market to your clients from within BrokerSource utilising the integrated Marketing module.
  • Gain an overall view of each client relationship to capitalise on future opportunities to up-sell other financial products.