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Get Leads for $0 Up Front
Why pay for Mortgage Broking leads that go nowhere? Let's face it, there are a lot of "tyre kickers" out there who are just trying to find out if they qualify for a loan.

How about receiving Mortgage Broking leads for $0 up front! That's right, you pay nothing for leads until the loans settle.

As a subscriber of BrokerSource, a referral fee of 0.11% (inclusive of GST) of the loan amount written (regardless of loan type) is payable 30 days after settlement and that's plenty of time for you to be paid first before you pay us.

BrokerSource Pty Ltd and its sister company Lifestyle Planner Pty Ltd will source leads to potential borrowers in your area via a "Find a Mortgage Broker" search engine. Only those Mortgage Brokers who are registered with BrokerSource will be listed in the search results for their State giving them a competitive edge.
Here's how it works
Subscribe Now
  1. Register as a BrokerSource subscriber and pay $49.95 per month to use all of the Mortgage Broking Business Tools included.
  2. You are immediately placed into the BrokerSource Mortgage Broker Business Directory allowing you to be searched via the BrokerSource website.
  3. If a potential borrower chooses you from the search results (which are based on State) you will receive a lead into your BrokerSource Dashboard which is displayed when you first login.
  4. You then contact the potential borrower and follow your normal loan application procedures.
  5. BrokerSource will monitor the progress of the loan through your lending funnel and when loan settlement is achieved a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) is created by you at the click of a button with 30 day payment terms.
  6. That's it. Everything is automated. All you have to do is manage the client relationship into the future and for this you retain ALL trailing commissions generated by the loan.