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Lead Management 
Financial Services Leads can come from a multitude of sources, including those referral sources mentioned under Referrer Management. Others include - word of mouth from satisfied clients, the Mortgage Brokers own website, other affiliate websites listing the Mortgage Broker's details, advertising, etc. Managing client leads allows a Mortgage Broker to track their source of business and concentrate on those that generate the highest revenue.

BrokerSource will provide the following benefits when managing Leads:
  • Receive leads directly into the "New Leads" area of BrokerSource from external sources providing a manageable way to action leads.
  • Track the source of each loan written and any ancillary financial products provided to your clients over time helping you to evaluate your best sources of business.
  • Manage each lead from initial client contact through to the receipt of a loan application keeping you organised and effective.
  • Monitor unsuccessful leads for future follow-up.
  • Migrate successful leads to your Client and Loan databases once a loan application has been received.
Apart from receiving leads from the BrokerSource website, our affiliate company Lifestyle Planner Pty Ltd will also provide leads from its website when a user clicks the "Find a Mortgage Broker" button. Mortgage Brokers registered with BrokerSource will be the only ones listed in the search. Searching is done by State and if you are selected from the list, you will receive the lead to action.

Leads are free until a loan is written and settles. BrokerSource Pty Ltd will then be paid an up-front referral commission equivalent to 0.11% (inclusive of GST) of the loan amount written (regardless of loan type) for this client as tracked by BrokerSource. BrokerSource will treat these leads like any others received and they will be included with all other referral payments due. Trail commissions will not be payable to us for leads received via the BrokerSource or Lifestyle Planner websites.