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Loan Management 
Mortgage Brokers can normally view the progress of loans from within various on-line banking systems or even their Broker Group's website. BrokerSource takes this one step further allowing each client to also view the progress of their loans. This is achieved by the Mortgage Broker simply attaching a date to the various stages of each loan as they occur.

BrokerSource will provide the following benefits when managing Loans:
  • Gain an overall view of all loans currently in your pipeline and which milestones have been achieved allowing you to prioritise contact with Financial Institutions, solicitors and conveyancers for follow-up and to maintain control.
  • Customise each view based on what you need to see, e.g. all loans from a particular referral source at "Loan Approved" stage, allowing you to further manage your various relationships and maintain control of your pipeline.
  • Add "Top-ups" to existing loans (with the same Sale Id) and treat each portion separately for monitoring and commission splitting purposes.
  • Track Declined loans and attach a note highlighting the reasons to track trends.
  • Use a suite of financial calculators from within BrokerSource to assist with client enquiries.