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Report Generation 
Many on-screen reports are available from within BrokerSource to help Mortgage Brokers manage their broking business. Reports can be produced for any period of time going back to initial set-up by filtering on-screen list views. Some of the reports that can be produced include:
  • Lender Reports
    Contact and Product Details, Loans Referred (to them), Commissions Received, Loan Pipeline (Status)

  • Referrer Reports
    Contact Details, Loans Referred (by them), Commissions Paid, Loan Pipeline (Status), Referrer Revenue

  • Lead Reports
    Lead Source, Lead Pipeline (Status)

  • Client Reports
    Client Profile (including Loan Pipeline (Status), Client Revenue

  • Loan Reports
    Loan Pipeline (Status), Referral Source, Loan Revenue

  • Loan Writer Reports
    Loan Pipeline (Status), Commissions Paid, Loan Writer Revenue

  • Commission Reports
    Commissions Received, Commissions Paid (to various), Cash Flow Forecast

Referrers and Loan Writers can only view those loans that they are responsible for generating or writing and Clients can only view loans relating to them.

A summary view of major business metrics is also available from the BrokerSource Dashboard.