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What if I already have a home loan?
If you already have a Home Loan, when was the last time you had your loan terms reviewed by a Mortgage Broker to determine if the loan is meeting all of your needs. You may even find that the interest rate you are paying can be beaten by another lender.

Refinancing a current home loan to another lender is not as difficult as it sounds and a Mortgage Broker will look after all of the negotiations and paperwork involved. You could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year simply by refinancing.
Using your equity to purchase an Investment Property
If you already own your own home (or are still paying it off), you may have built up considerable equity in the property (the current market value of your home less the amount owing). This can be used like a deposit to purchase an investment property without the need for cash up front.

Talk to your Mortgage Broker who can assist in calculating your current equity level and obtaining an Investment Home Loan to purchase an investment property.

NB. You should always seek independent financial advice from your Accountant, Tax Adviser or Financial Planner before making any investment decisions.