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How do I borrow to invest?
Rule #1: Always ask the advice of your Accountant, Tax Adviser or Financial Planner before making any investment decisions.

You can borrow to invest in many assets including real property, managed funds and shares. Once again, your financial adviser will assist with making the investment decision that best suits your particular circumstances.

Borrowing to invest is similar to borrowing for any other worthwhile purpose. The loan application process is similar as well but there are some aspects of this type of borrowing that are different.
  • You cannot access funds from the Australian Government's First Home Owners' Scheme.
  • You may not need any cash up front as a deposit if you have accumulated enough equity in your residential home and are prepared to offer it as security on the investment loan.
  • Your interest rate and fees may differ from your principal home loan's.
  • You should discuss your purchase with your financial adviser before committing to the investment.
  • There are specialised types of loans and lines of credit to cater for investments linked to a "unit price", such as shares.

Your Mortgage Broker can assist with Investment loans to purchase real property investments whereas you may need to seek assistance from a Financial Planner to borrow for other types of investments.

Your Mortgage Broker can also assist with Commercial property Investment loans if they are accredited to write these.