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What type of loan is right for me?
There are hundreds of different loans available today all with there own features and benefits. These are available from a range of different lenders, from major banks, non-bank lenders and even private funders.

The type of loan required by you can depend on the purpose of the loan, the type of security offered, the loan features required and the type of interest rate you want.
Personal Loans
Primarily for amounts between $5,000 and $80,000. They can be secured by an acceptable asset or unsecured depending on your credit worthiness. Consider a Credit Card for amounts below $5,000. Personal loans are usually provided to purchase a Car, or other major asset, to pay for a holiday, to pay for a major event such as a wedding, or for any other worthwhile purpose.
Home Loans
Home Loans are primarily used to purchase a home to live in secured by the house and land itself. The amount you can borrow is limited to the value of the security offered less a margin applied by the lender. You can generally borrow up to 80% of the securitiy's current market value but you may be able to borrow more if you agree to take out Lenders Mortgage Insurance.
Investment Loans
Similar to a Home Loan but for the purpose of purchasing an Investment property that will be rented to others.
Construction Loans
For the purpose of building a home or investment property. The loan is generally provided in stages as the property is being built. Loan repayments are not generally required until construction is complete however you may need to meet any loan interest as construction progresses.
Line of Credit / Personal Overdrafts
A Line of Credit (also known as a Personal Overdraft or Equity Loan) has a predetermined approved amount of money (a limit) that an can be utilised as required at any time. Lines of Credit are generally secured by the owners' equity in a property and are sometimes provided in conjunction with other types of loans. These come in many different flavours and borrowers must be disciplined to remain within approved limits.
Business / Commercial Loans and Overdrafts
These are loans specifically for any worthwhile business venture including the purchase of business premises, stock, other business assets and equipment and to meet the businesses cash flow requirements.